SEO Hummingbird Update – Guidelines to Write Effective Content to Improve Websites’ Ranking


Hummingbird is an important update by Google introduced in August last year (2013). This update is mainly focused on the semantics; the main reason behind this is that Google has clearly observed that a large number of people use gadgets and mobile devices to conduct the searches. SEO Hummingbird Update made the use of keyword low relevance and this prompted the search engine to deliver the appropriate results rather than focusing on keywords. Take a look. 

People speak differently than they write. With the immense progress in technology, mobile users are now allowed to conduct the search process using their voice. For instance, their voice directions are going to be more involved and longer.  

Apart from this, Google also emphasized on the quality of content by following several important rules that should be followed by the SEO Content Writer.  

1. Themed Content – Going with themed content is certainly the best option instead of focusing on ranking for one or two keywords in an article. The said type content allows you rank for hundred or more keywords. 

2. Content Must be Informative – Another vital fact is that your content must be able to serve its main purpose e.g. it must be fully informative and explain everything in a crystal clear manner.  Your content must be able to cater to the needs of those who are seeking for best answers of some specific questions in your niche. This activity is also known as content marketing in today’s world. You are advised to gather important information online before writing content this will certainly give you a better idea to write informative content and impress your readers too. You need to put all the possible efforts to make your content informative and also helpful for readers.  

3. Google’s SEO Content Guidelines – In year 2011, Google introduced some effective guidelines to write good SEO content that can also help in improving raking of the site. These guidelines have been well elaborated and let you find several effective tips to write SEO friendly content.    

4. Develop Original Content – Nothing is better replacement of original content. Rather than copying already written content, you need to get a fresh idea to write content. Google always prefers and rewards original content. So, you need to be habituated of writing fresh and original content in your own words.   

5. Using Social Media – The new update makes it quite clear that it relies on social signal to rank content. So, it is vital for you to make your effective presence on social media like Google+.

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